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domingo, 8 de abril de 2018

Experimentos y manualidades 3º

  En relación al tema de Plantas, os animamos a que traigáis a clase, cualquier experimento o manualidad relacionada con este tema, aquí os dejamos algunas ideas...

Plants 3º


Their functions are to absorb nutrients.
The stem is the upper part of the plant and bears branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Stem is generally green when young and later often become woody and dark brown. It conducts water and minerals from the root to the leaves.
Leaves provide trees with all their food because they turn sunlight into food energy through photosynthesis. Leaves also make the oxygen in the air that we breathe.
Flowers generally are the showiest part of a plant. Their beauty and fragrance attract pollinators (insects or birds) that play an important role in the reproductive process.
The seed contain food which supplies energy and materials for growth until the plant grows its first leaves above the ground.

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make their own food.

  • Carbon dioxide from the air passes through small pores (holes) in the leaves. These pores are called stomata.
  • Water is absorbed by the roots and passes through vessels in the stem on its way to the leaves.
  • Sunlight is absorbed by a green chemical in the leaves.

Semana Cultural

¡Gracias a todos por una semana cultural increible!!!

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